cartoon_DREWFACE_LEFT-04For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a storyteller and my work reflects that part of myself. From contemporary affairs through journalism to creative short stories, I aim to engage viewers and provide a true understanding of important issues in our media driven culture.

I’ve had a varied media career over the past 10 years. Commercial photo illustrator, travel photographer, web designer, and videographer are just a few of the hats I’ve worn… even a short stint as a goat ranch hand. This range (herding pun intended) of experience has provided insight into media across platforms and some pretty crazy adventures too. My digital diversity and subsequent long hours with various media software directed me straight to a true passion in animation and motion graphics. I can’t imagine finding something I enjoy more or work harder at.

I believe in an additive process for motion graphics in storytelling. Bring illustrated elements in that aid in telling the story without overshadowing it. Motion graphics should be used to convey ideas that otherwise might not be understood through conventional videography and provide a second layer of information to a story.

I’m part nature nerd, part wonderer, part baseball lover, and part people watcher. Add one part coffee, and I’ll tell you about any of it.

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